​An Introduction to Pranahuti Supported Meditation (PSM) – Natural Path

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Do you ponder what is the meaning and purpose of life?

Do you want to discover your highest potential and are seeking the means to achieve it?

Are you keenly seeking true transformation and growth?

Do you aspire to work towards universal good?

Man’s Quest

The quest for realization has intrigued mankind from times immemorial.

Realization of what?  Realization of one’s highest potential within - the real state of Being.

What is the Path?

Many of us have consciously or unconsciously sought for a real system of sadhana (practice) that can enable us to reach the goal. In fact, several practices and systems exist and some are very popular as well.  In all these paths or options available, how do you find that one system that will help you solve the problem of your life?

According to Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahajahanpur, India, the founder of the Natural path:

“There are so many processes in India and they may be correct. But what is correctness?  The process, which may put you in undisturbed state. Vibrations should become all Divine. How does it happen? When heaviness is gone then only the thing behind the scene opens to the mind."

The main purpose of spiritual training is that the individual aspirant should begin to imbibe within oneself as much of divine attributes or qualities as possible.

Pranahuti Supported Meditation (PSM)

Pranahuti Supported Meditation (PSM) or the Natural Path is a system of Rajayoga, a spiritual practice designed to assist aspirants to realize their true potential and stature as a divine resource by enabling one to break off and transcending one’s own individual network of thoughts, limitations, complications, and instilling higher states of consciousness.  This is a comprehensive, self-contained practice that aims to assist a person to evolve into the cosmic/universal consciousness and obtain realization.

What is Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission)?

Pranahuti or Yogic Transmission is the utilization of the divine power for the transformation of individual consciousness.  According to Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj:

“The power of transmission is a Yogic attainment of a very high order by which a yogi can infuse by his/her will force the Godly effulgence within anyone and remove anything unwanted to their spiritual progress.  

“This is a power working through the channels of pure mind. It is effected through the power of will, which is always effective.  

“As a matter of fact, what Pranahuti does for the spiritual uplift of a serious practitioner and the removal of complexities in a short time, independent efforts cannot achieve even in a full decade. The worthy trainer (teacher) by the power of yogic transmission weakens the lower tendencies in the mind of the student trainee and sows the seed of Divine light in the innermost core of their heart. The trainee may not feel anything in the beginning. After sometime, however, they may feel the results of such transmission which also are in the form of subtle changes of the working of their parts and tendencies of his mind."

Its Origin

Sri Ramchandraji of Fathegarh (known as Lalaji Maharaj) rediscovered the technique of Pranahuti. His primary disciple, Sri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur (known as Babuji Maharaj) perfected the system and offered it to humanity as a gift to his master and a fraternal duty and divine service.

How Does It Work

Pranahuti Supported Meditation has two parts: