• Do you ponder over the meaning of life?

  • Are you interested in discovering your higher potential and the means for achieving it?

  • Are you keen on growth and transformation?

  • Do you aspire to serve for universal/cosmic good?


Overview of Training Program

This weekend training program provides an introduction to Natural Path, or Pranahuti Supported Meditation (PSM) to prospective students.

This is a comprehensive self-contained spiritual practice that aims to assist a person to evolve into cosmic consciousness and obtain Realization.

The system uses the process of Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission) by a competent trainer as the main aid to assist a person to grow and transform.

Class Agenda (Topics)


   Saturday and/or Sunday (9:30am - 5:30pm):

  1. Introduction to Natural Path

  2. Daily meditation practices - methods and techniques

  3. Holistic way of living to be in tune with universal consciousness

  4. Role of Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission) as an active and continuous support for practitioners to achieve higher level of consciousness

  5. Control of mind and concentration

  6. Stages of Progress - A complete map of spiritual journey up to the highest level of consciousness

  7. 2-4 experiential guided meditation sessions (30 minutes each)

Class Dates, Location, and Registration

Date & Time:    The class is held between 9:30am - 5:30pm on a weekend every month.  Please see our Class Calendar for next training class dates for all locations. 

Center Locations and Dates: We currently provide training in many locations in the USA, Canada, and India.  Please check out our location page for center location near you.

Registration:  Apply online here for the next class.

Additional Class Info

Format:  The format of the class is lecture and silent meditation sessions.

Venue:  The meditation class is conducted in private residential setting in order to provide free training.


* Child care is available upon request.

**  The class is limited in size; accepting applicants with age between 18-50.

Cost:  Free.  The support for spiritual growth should not incur a financial cost. We opt to limit transactional costs in order to maintain pursuit of the highest spiritual purity.  All future training is also free of cost.

Learn More about PSM


Learn more about Pranahuti Supported Meditation here.

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